The Multitoner arrived

I'm happy to announce the inital release of the Multitoner under the terms of the GPLv3.

logo of the Multitoner


Visit the Multitoner at Github and make shure to read at the bottom of the landing page.


Silber & Blei needs a FLOS-Software to create multitone images. More information about this Project and its story can be found here.

Call for Help: Color Management

I'd really like to see the best possible print preview with the Multitoner. I think Ghostscript has everything we need to get there. I’d love to see some help from people with experience and/or interest in this issue. See the file in the repo and the Roadmap on the right side for more info.


Here an updated version of the Roadmap.

  • the core functions are implemented
  • loading and saving of projects
  • creation of multitone-EPS-images from black and white images with commandline tool and GUI
  • cleanup, more code comments, licence notices, README
  • publication of the repository
  • current status: public testing and first production uses
  • Color management: (research and implementation) to obtain optimal previews ICC-profiles shall be used in future. See also the option ‑sDeviceNProfile in the Ghostscript manual and GS9_Color_Management.pdf.
  • better batch processing and handling of exceptions there: different curves for the same set of colors


screenshot of the current Multitoner

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 5:59:11 PM Europe/Berlin