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Experiencing wild animals in the city. A book about tracking down wild mammals in the city.



The Idea is to send people in their city with a distinct task—the search for wild animals. As a result they have to perceive their environment in a different manner – as habitat for wild animals. This was inspired by the situationist praxis of Dérive, see also psychogeography. The »Handbuch der wildwachsenden Großstadtpflanzen« by Helmut Völter takes a similar line, too.

The Book is my »Diplom« thesis. I have conceived, written and designed it. I was supervised by Alexander Branczyk and prof Jay Rutherford. Summer term 2008, Faculty Design, Bauhaus-University Weimar.



The Book is introducing in general tactics of tracking down wild metropolitans at the beginning. Later, the peculiarities of the animal species themselves are scrutinised. In the rear part of the book the habitats in the city are gone into. Concluding a list of all wild mamals that occur in the city is to be found.


Additional Spice

is given to the idea of the field trip, because the reader has to snap the appropriate animal pictures himself. Merely the pages are prepared so that images on standard 4 × 6 inch photo paper can be inserted.

In order that the book doesn’t diverge—in its capacity as photo album—extra material had to be brought into the spine as a placeholder. The spine is broad enough to take all pictures.



There is a matching cross-reference between the animals and their habitats, so one doesn’t lose the way in the book. A running head had to be there, too. The design of the pages complies with a layout grid and the baseline grid.

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