Our website of Silber & Blei is online.

Link to the website: Silber & Blei

Screenshot of 2 responsive sizes


The webdesign is made by us, as well as the realization. We relied on current technology and designed a sterling page. Beautiful webfonts are deployed and the site is responsive. It fits itself into the size of the browser window, so that it stays optimally readable on the smartphone as well as on the desktop.

Statically generated with Hyde/Python

There are completely static pages on the server, just plain HTML-files. The trick: the site is generated with the static website generator Hyde and then uploaded. That has enormous advantages: the site is fast, secure, low-maintenance and still comfortably usable. We didn't want to waive a newsfeed, so this is generated by Hyde in the ATOM-format. For our image gallery we extended Hyde with a plugin, of which more later.

The Image Gallery

We want to present our images particularly nice, that’s why we went to great effort with the image gallery. The centerpiece of the gallery is the photo album viewer. I summarized here some noticeable properties of the slider.

Here embedded the album »Neuste Bilder« of Silber & Blei:


The album viewer is completely responsive and adapts fully to the available space. You can try this yourself on an album page. Just change the size of the browser window and observe what happens.


There are different cases in which an album is integrated. On the one hand the page of the album itself, on the other hand an album can be included on every other page. Furthermore all albums have their own address to embed them as Iframe on other webpages. Provided that the browser supports it, an album can even activate full screen mode.


As you see on this page, an album can be embedded on another webpage. Special web pages are genearted for this. An album knows the address of its embed-version and offers a small code-generator. Thanks to the great adaptability of the slider, concerning the format, we took a pass on requiring static sizes. The author of the foreign page can fit in the album just right. Of course we hope to gain bigger reach with this feature and we’d be happy about spottings of our albums in the wilderness.


Each instance of the album uses the same code, may it be as Iframe or on the album page. Its the progression of code of das Auto. Magazine. The thumbnails and the big display of the images are using the same base. By extending the objects and by different configuration the two forms come into being. To change into full screen mode an album doesn’t even need new initialization.


For image management we wrote a plugin for Hyde in Python. The plugin generates thumbnails and the big images when the site is processed. An album is a configuration file mainly consisting of a list of images. To include an album its enough to know its internal name: {{make_album( 'Neueste_Bilder', ['autoplay', 'no-thumbs']) }}. The example is taken straight from our homepage.

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